English Writing Skills

English Writing Skills Writing is a complex skill that requires time to develop as many elements are weaved together to form one final product. Writing is more than just putting words and sentences together, as it should also address questions of writing purpose (to convince, inform or narrate), audience (friends Vs. business associates, teenagers Vs. […]

How do I calculate my hourly rate?

Hourly to Salary – Wage Calculator Natural leader who can motivate, encourage and advise people, she is an innovative and creative person. She loves to generate fresh concepts and make goods. She generally adopts a creative approach to issue resolution and she continuously tries to accomplish things using her own thinking. The hourly to salary […]

5 Easy Ways to Write an Irresistible Introduction

Introductions This handout will explain the functions of introductions, offer strategies for creating effective introductions, and provide some examples of less effective introductions to avoid. Introductions and conclusions can be the most difficult parts of papers to write. Usually when you sit down to respond to an assignment, you have at least some sense of […]

A Guide to Becoming a Better Writer: 15 Practical Tips

Use simple and concise language In many industries, communicating information as quickly and efficiently as possible is a priority. Before submitting a report or sending an email, try to eliminate any unnecessary words or sentences. Adding excessive adjectives or repeating similar information can distract your readers and lessen the impact of your message. If you […]

Compelling content

Simplicity is your ally here, especially if you’re working with complex ideas. (For inspiration, look to anything George Orwell wrote; his ideas were big, but his lexicon—sorry, his dictionary—was tight and concise. The 8 Underused Components of Compelling Content That Readers Love 1. Set the stage with your headline How BuzzFeed creates a curiosity gap: […]

Branches of Business Management

Engineering management and R&D management are among the types of management with the most overlap. Engineering management may involve more manufacturing – turning research into sellable items – than R&D management, but often, these two types of management entail similar tasks. Though some people may consider business management a single industry or career, it is […]

Advanced Business Writing Tips That Actually Work

He knew that crafting smart, digestible op-eds and research papers was key to improving his professional reputation. His writing was already well received by colleagues and peers but much of his experience was rooted in academic writing. So he began reading business publications, like McKinsey Quarterly, for style. “I studied how they communicate,” Tim says, […]

Why Does It Take so Long to Write a White Paper?

And it will most likely be human beings who assemble these information packages for them. So the skills people develop working on white papers will be in demand for a long, long time. White Paper FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) White Paper FAQ topics White paper definitions White papers compared to other documents White paper readers […]

Writing an Essay on Travel is Easy

Your college course requires you to write an essay on travel. You might be tempted to ask a professional writer to write my research paper for me. Don’t you have the time to do it? Then that is a reasonable course of action. Let’s assume that you have the time to write it. Here is […]

dvla booking theory test

Practice theory test for car drivers (1 of 2) This practice theory test for car drivers is provided so you can see how the DVSA theory test works. You’ll need to do more revision to learn all the