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driving theory test centre leicester

driving theory test centre leicester

The location of Leicester Theory Test Centre for car, motorcycle and HGV/LGV candidates is:
Leicester Train Station
London Road

Leicester Wigston Driving Test Centre

Tigers Road Off Saffron Road South
Wigston, Leicester
LE18 4WS
To book a DSA theory test in Leicester Wigston you will need:

You will need to pass the theory test before you can apply to take a practical driving test.
The Leicester Theory Test Centre is located at:
Rutland Centre (Office Suite 3A 3rd Floor)
56 Halford Street

The unnamed 28-year-old male has visited the Halford Street test centre 92 times.
But the number of fails may be even higher as documents only go back to April 2004.

Driving theory test centre leicester

  • Two hours for the price of one
  • Six hours for the price of four

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* Indicates that access to service is only available within library premises.
Joining your local library is quick and easy.
Visit your local council website for more details.

He said the theory tests were only going to get harder for the unnamed man as the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) was no longer going to publish the questions.
26 January 2012