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free hazard perception test 2016

free hazard perception test 2016

Learner drivers will need to do more revision and practice to ensure the best chance of passing. We recommend that you use the official study materials listed below.
Throughout the time on your lessons with Maidstone Driving Academy, all elements of the DVSA Hazard Perception Test will be discussed and explained. The Safe Driving For Life website gives you the opportunity to take a Free Hazard Perception Test online so you can see how it works.

Second part of the test is called the hazard Perception test where you watch 14 video clips and click for moving developing hazards which may cause you to slow down, stop or change direction.
To pass this part of the test you need to score 44 out of total mark of 75. You will need to pass both part of the test

Chris Le Maistre, the Deputy Inspector of Motor Traffic in Jersey, says its easy to forget how dangerous the islands roads can be.
The more vehicles on our roads, the greater the risk, so before you can sit your practical test you will have to complete this test first.

Pass the Hazard Perception Part of your Theory Test first time. The hazard perception test (HPT) is the second part of the driving theory test. Practice your hazard perception test with official clips from the DVSA.
This application reproduces the experience of the real test. You identify the correct hazard by touching the screen on your device. The earlier you identify the hazard the more you score. The scoring goes from five to zero points. When you finish a clip you can play it in review mode to see exactly when the hazard begins and ends.