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How do I calculate my hourly rate?

Hourly to Salary – Wage Calculator

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The hourly to salary or hourly rate calculator can assist you in determining what that wage is. Do you want to know what your yearly income is? Trying to compare different jobs? How do I compute an employee’s hourly rate based on annual salary? Simply input your hourly rate and the amount of hours you want to work each week. You may also calculate an employee’s hourly compensation by dividing their yearly salary by the amount of hours worked in a year.

A full-time employee works 2,080 hours a year based on a standard work week of 40 hours (40 hours a week x 52 weeks a year). So, if a person makes $40,000 per year working 40 hours per week, their hourly wage is around $19.23. (40,000 divided by 2,080).


How to convert annual salary to hourly rate?

Example 1

Step 1: You first need to divide your annual salary by the total number of weeks in the year, which is 52. This will inform you of your weekly pay. Using an annual salary of £40,000, the calculation is as follows:

Step 2: From here, we can look to figure out how much you are paid hourly. To do this, simply divide the weekly salary by how many hours you work each week. In this case, you are working and getting paid for 40 hours each week. Therefore, the calculation is as follows:

This means that for every hour you work, you are getting paid £19.23. If you want to learn how to calculate your hourly rate a little quicker, you can combine both steps together and use the hourly rate formula:

Example 2

In this first example above, we calculated our hourly rate when working 40 hours per week. However, some employees don’t get paid for their lunch breaks and thus are technically paid a different hourly rate. If you are allowed a 30-minute unpaid lunch break each day, that will result in a total number of 37.5 hours worked. Therefore, let’s see how the hourly rate of someone with a gross annual income of £40,000 differs when calculating for 37.5 worked hours per week.

Step 1: Divide the annual wage by the total number of weeks in a year. The answer to this step will be the same as the example above since the salary and number of weeks in a year have not changed. The calculation is as follows:

Although the annual salary has stayed the same, as you can see, the hourly rate has changed from £19.23 to £20.51. This is because the number of hours per week the employee is getting paid for has reduced. We can use the hourly rate formula outlined in the previous example to confirm if our calculations are correct.

If you have done this calculation and you get a slightly different answer, it could be due to rounding. Rounding the numbers up or down to the nearest pence may slightly alter the exact number. However, this approximate hourly wage with a few pence difference will give you a fairly accurate idea of how much you are getting paid for your time.

Unv salary calculator

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