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lgv practical test fail

lgv practical test fail

Lgv practical test fail
During the practical test the examiner will note any driving faults on the driving test report form (DL25). The driving faults are categorised into minor, serious and dangerous and are recorded against the appropriate headings shown below. Each fault is denoted by a slash ‘/’ in the appropriate box. At the end of the test the examiner will total up the number of minor driving faults under each heading and overall.
If you commit 16 or more minor driving faults you will unfortunately fail the driving test. If you commit one or more serious or dangerous driving faults you will also fail the test. Even if you feel you have failed the test you should continue to try, as the test will help you to identify where you need more practise.

I really enjoyed the training and was fairly confident, wasn’t confident when i was first faced with the 18 tonne truck i was to drive. (however it was surprisingly easy to drive) Test day yesterday and i was nervous, felt like i was competing at a show! Managed my reverse in the bay first time, so felt my more settled.
On the test, went on a route we hadn’t practiced..typical! Roads were busy, and full of parked cars on both sides, making things more fun! We were about 5 mins from getting back to test centre, when he asked me to pull over to the left, and drive on again when i was ready. So because traffic was coming towards me on opp side, and i was blocking the road, i looked in mirrors, signaled and pulled off, just an and impatient van driver edged out to pass me. I was moving by this point so carried on. Van pulled in behind again. Then he overtook me further down the road.
Got in test centre, to find id only got 7 minors, and a serious fault because of the van. I’m so annoyed with myself. Just should of sat and waited! Grrrr somebody please tell me i will pass next time, its getting more and more expensive!!
As previous thread, did my truck training thurs, fri, sat, and test yesterday.

In 2019/20, there were about 1.6 million practical driving tests taken in the United Kingdom. Of these less than fifty percent were successful. This was the second year in a row that the number of tests taken had decreased, with the share of passed tests staying relatively constant in respect to overall number.
Driving is still an inherent part of life for many people in the UK and still the most common mode of transport.
Pass rates for practical driving tests were consistently higher for men than women. In 2019/20, 49.6 percent of male participants passed the test, compared with 42.6 percent of female participants. Pass rates declined from 2016/17 onwards after having stayed relatively consistent between 2012/13 and 2016/17.