leeds theory test centre

View the address, contact phone number, map and driving directions for the Leeds Theory Test Centre (operated by Pearson Professional).

Write and Travel

  Writers can consider themselves one of the luckiest persons. They have a job which offers them immense flexibility. Therefore, they don’t have to be stuck in an office from 9 to 5. They can work from anywhere they want and can organize their schedule as they wish. Thus, as long as they have a […]

move theory test

Find an earlier driving theory test, move it to a later date, or change the test centre you take it at.

pearson driving test centre

View the address, contact phone number, map and driving directions for the Liverpool Theory Test Centre (operated by Pearson Professional).

dvla theory test centres

Practice theory test for car drivers (1 of 2) This practice theory test for car drivers is provided so you can see how the DVSA theory test works. You’ll need to do more revision to learn all the

The Road Trip

Every December holiday we could organize a road trip to wind off and break the boredom of the city life with few friends. However, I could not tell that 25 December 2018 could be a fateful day in my life, the incident that could potentially cost my dear life. What happened? As we approached the […]

X Amazing Facts of Colorado

Colorado is one of the states in the United States of America. Its capital is Denver, and its current Governor is John Hickenlooper, D. Colorado is the eighth largest state regarding landmass. Located in Colorado are some of the US tallest mountains and the highest means of elevation amongst the States. It used to depend […]

Obesity Blame Game

  Obesity is a lifestyle condition that affects people of different ages including children.  Many victims of obesity tend to blame slow metabolism, heredity, and fast foods sold in restaurants but the condition can result from many other factors. Some of them include lack of exercises, sedentary lifestyle, and poor eating habits in homes. Some […]

The Manunggul Jar: A Relic of Philippine History

Introduction When I recently visited the National Museum of the Philippines located in the country’s capital, Manila, I became more interested with the artifacts located at the Archaeology section of the museum. The first object that caught my eye was the Manunggul jar, a secondary burial jar that has existed since the late Neolithic Period […]

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

The Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park is considered one of the majestic places in Colorado. This park is located west of Colorado. The Canyon is under the management of National Park Service. The park possesses two entrances, the Montrose on the South Rim and the Crawford of North Colorado. The park holds about 12 […]