The Manunggul Jar: A Relic of Philippine History

Introduction When I recently visited the National Museum of the Philippines located in the country‚Äôs capital, Manila, I became more interested with the artifacts located at the Archaeology section of the museum. The first object that caught my eye was the Manunggul jar, a secondary burial jar that has existed since the late Neolithic Period […]

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

The Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park is considered one of the majestic places in Colorado. This park is located west of Colorado. The Canyon is under the management of National Park Service. The park possesses two entrances, the Montrose on the South Rim and the Crawford of North Colorado. The park holds about 12 […]

The authenticity of American-Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine At the end of the last century, the popularity of Japanese cuisine has reached its climax. To large extent, it is connected with the fact that seafood is a main component of food of the Japanese, and, according to the opinion of most experts, belongs to “proper nutrition“. In addition, Japan is the […]