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The Road Trip

Every December holiday we could organize a road trip to wind off and break the boredom of the city life with few friends. However, I could not tell that 25 December 2018 could be a fateful day in my life, the incident that could potentially cost my dear life.

What happened?

As we approached the main highway, I noticed an oncoming truck that seemed to have lost control. Given the urgency of the situation, I had to swerve to avoid the head-on collision. My friend later explained that the occurrence was swift and coupled with screeching sounds and an explosion. Unfortunately, our car went through the guardrail and rolled into the nearby ditch. The impact broke the front end of the car, broke the windshield and ushered deadly slivers of solid objects such as rock and glass particles. One of the front wheels was sent gyrating into the air while the passenger door was ferociously freed from the metallic hinges. The shattered metallic body of car produced a squealing cry like a stung beast. The once safe vehicle had turned hostile for occupants, and we sought the mercy of God and Samaritans for prompt assistance.

Despite the impact, I was firmly strapped on the seat, and my face was pressed into an airbag. I tapped the back of my friend to check his well-being. Fortunately, he also survived the torment despite the scrapes from the accident.

The car was slowly filling with dark smoke and oily taste. Immediately, I realized that we had to find our way out despite the pungent fumes that caused our eyes to water as well as burnt out throats. We coughed simultaneously as we made our way out. Immediately, the car burst into a voluminous flame as if it had been watching or giving us the time to move out of danger. Even though we lost the car and some documents, we were relieved from the fangs of death.

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