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Why Does It Take so Long to Write a White Paper?

And it will most likely be human beings who assemble these information packages for them. So the skills people develop working on white papers will be in demand for a long, long time.

Minimal Modern Tech White Paper Examples

White Paper FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

White Paper FAQ topics

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White papers past, present, and future

What exactly is a white paper?

• A manifesto on how to solve a certain problem
• A bait-piece
• The glue that holds a campaign together
• An information widget
• A way to freeze-dry your ideas
• The magic Excalibur of marketing!

The content of a white paper provides useful information for business people seeking to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

The format of a white paper is somewhere between a technical manual and a glossy brochure… between a dry-as-dust academic paper and a colorful annual report.

Some good models are respected magazines/websites like Scientific American or The Economist. Like the best white papers, these publications explain scientific and financial information in a visually appealing way.

The Economist magazine as an example of clear technical information

Are there any industry standards for these documents?

If there are no standards, aren’t there at least some conventions?

To elaborate, the main body of a “typical” white paper is 6 to 8 pages long, shorter than in past years. With front matter and back matter, the total length is usually 10 to 12 pages.

What different types of white papers exist?

scoop of vanilla ice creamscoop of strawberry ice cream

The Need for Research

Whenever I start a white paper, I interview the client to get basic information, including the audience, the goals of the project, the one key message the client wants readers to remember, and the key supporting messages (which usually relate to the benefits of the solution being described).

My job as the writer is to flesh out these high-level messages into something that leads the reader to understand why the problem is important and what steps can be taken to solve it. This involves the following:

Providing context. People don’t know what they don’t know. To get them to read more, you need to start where they are. Describe some issue that they can relate to, and then lead them into a discussion of something they hadn’t considered related to that issue.

For a white paper, this usually means starting with a description of a key strategic issue that the target audience faces. For example, the paper might address a new regulation that has an industry quaking in its boots.

I recently wrote a white paper for a company that helps hospitals comply with audits from Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance companies. Targeting hospital audit managers, operations managers and CFOs, this paper documented the prospect of an exponentially increasing number of audits that are arising due to the success of Medicaid Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) audits. This particular paper quoted the rising number of audits faced by one medical center. In other cases, I use quotes from high-profile industry analysis, such as the Gartner Group or Forrester Research to document a trend.

Opening the knowledge gap. Once you’ve described a problem the reader already knows they have, you can describe a new area where they have a gap in their knowledge. In a white paper that talks about a technology solution, this often means describing what’s missing in existing solutions that customers/readers may already be using. Again, this can require considerable research to adequately describe these problems.

White paper examples

When you think about white papers, you probably think of PDF articles with thousands of words. But times are changing and so is the way we produce and consume content.

White paper example - CodinGame

What Developers Want – CodinGame

This unique one-pager presenting findings from the Developers at Work Survey demonstrates how a white paper should be done. The animated, interactive data charts show off just what’s possible with our embed feature.

White paper example - BDO GDPR

This well-produced special edition produced by BDO and creative agency Monte Media does an incredible job of turning a conventionally dull topic into a piece of content that’s engaging and comes to life.

White paper example - content-marketing-strategy

Building and Applying a Content Marketing Strategy – Foleon

Government white paper template

Governmental organizations write white papers to outline policies before proposing new bills and legislations. A white paper is a good tool for gathering feedback from the public before implementing wide-reaching policy changes.

8. Make your page numbers stand out so your white paper is easy to scan

Technical Business White Paper Examples

Your white paper isn’t the latest installment of Game of Thrones , so it’s unlikely that every reader is going to sit down and read it cover to cover. In fact, there’s a good chance they’re going to want to skip ahead to specific sections that interest them.

Simple Business Policy White Paper Examples

Healthcare white paper templates, for example, can be useful in proposing healthcare policies to the general public.

Governments can distribute healthcare white papers to communicate crucial healthcare policy changes to residents in an easy-to-read and accessible format.

The white paper example below has a format that’s easy to customize for any industry. Its straightforward table of contents and simple design elements keep the focus on the text.

Electric Blue Cyber Security White Paper Template

You can create a functional table of contents by adding hyperlinks to individual chapters and sections. This will help your readers navigate the white paper’s contents.

Select the text you’d like to turn into a link, then click the link icon in the top bar. Along with the option to add a URL, you can select pages within the eBook. When you download your design, download it as an Interactive PDF.

White Paper Resource

If you need a breakdown on the exact steps on how to write a white paper, make sure to check out the White Paper for Dummies book! It’s from the expert white paper guy Gordon Graham.

A simple guide to writing your first white paper as a freelance writer. I hope this was helpful! I know my other blog post on how to create a cover letter helped a freelance writer gain a client!

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Hi Cain, The tutorial is quite beneficial. I have helped students and professors in my own locality publish journal articles (over 200 in 8 years) in reputable journals across the globe, and I believe writing white papers should be my next call. Thank you for enlightening me.Reply to Peter

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