Open Road Review USA X Amazing Facts of Colorado

X Amazing Facts of Colorado

Colorado is one of the states in the United States of America. Its capital is Denver, and its current Governor is John Hickenlooper, D. Colorado is the eighth largest state regarding landmass. Located in Colorado are some of the US tallest mountains and the highest means of elevation amongst the States. It used to depend on agriculture to drive the economy. Nowadays the service industry drive Colorado’s Economy. Colorado has a strong manufacturing base too.

Outlined below are things you need to know about Colorado:

1. The United States Air force Academy

Air force academy of the United States is both a military installation and a University. Its population is more than 25,000 service members and civilians. Most of the members belong to the 10th Air Base Wing. The unit is mandated to provide logistical and training support to 4,400 cadets and 300 cadre members of the academy itself. The facility is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

2. Turned Down Olympics

Holding Olympics of any kind is a privilege both to a nation and its inhabitants. Coloradan politicians and citizens were all set. Timing was good and ideal. Unfortunately, shortly after the award of games to Denver by IOC, the state’s representative Bob Jackson spoke up on the issue. He said that the state is concerned about its environment and the Olympics were not welcome. His sentiments were echoed by Dick Lamm who noted that the IOC was not worried about the ecology. To this day, Denver remains the only city to reject an Olympic bid.

3. Colorado Means “Colored Red”

Also known as Centennial state, Colorado means colored red. It was Colorado River given the name due to the red sandstone soil of the region. The entire territory was later referred to by the title after the discovery of gold in Pike’s Peak region. Congress chose Colorado to refer to the land in 1861 before Colorado became the 38th state in 1876.

4. Denver claims invention of the cheeseburger.

Several arguments explain the origin of the cheeseburger. One argument says that the cheeseburger was invented between 1924 and 1926 by a chef named Lionel Sternberger. However, Denver lays claim to the cheeseburger. Louis Ballast of Humpty in Dumpty Drive-in was awarded the trademark in 1935. He never enforced the brand though!

5. Federal Government Owns More Than One-Third of the Land in Colorado

Mountains, arid and difficult-to-reach tracts of land characterize Colorado. These areas did not attract farmers. Settlers claimed the few valleys available and in which farming was possible and built towns. The unattractive land became the forest, and it’s the federal government that manages the natural resources.

 6. Colorado Has 350 State Wildlife Areas

Colorado has 350 State Wildlife Areas which cover an estimated land area of 684,000 acres. These state areas are open one year round for public use. One only needs a valid fishing or hunting license to access the facilities for recreation. They are not crowded and thus provide excellent places to camp.

7. Loveland re-emailing Program.

Loveland is a town in Colorado. The place is best known worldwide as the home of the Valentine re-emailing program. More than a hundred thousand valentines are packaged inside larger envelopes and sent to Loveland. Volunteers hand stamp them with a valentines verse and forward them onto the intended recipients. Interesting!

8. Largest flat-top Mountain, Grand Mesa.

Grand Mesa is in Colorado. The plateau is the most massive flat-top mountain in the world. It stands more than 10,000 feet above sea level and offers beautiful views of the parks.

9. Colfax Avenue in Denver

History of Colfax Avenue is rooted in the gold rush days of the mid-1800s, just like Denver. The road was a getaway to Denver and the lands farther west. The avenue was initially called the Golden Road. In 1868, the street was renamed in honor of Schuyler Colfax, speaker of the US House of Representatives. The avenue is the longest street in America.

10. The World’s First Rodeo

It is in Deer trail that the first rodeo was held on July 4th, 1869. The event was recorded in the Field and farm magazine. Area ranches came with their horses and best cowboys to the Bronco Bustin Contest. The champion Bronc Buster of the plains was Emiline Gardenshire of the miliron ranches.

It is interesting to know that Colorado is this beautiful. All the facts could not be exhausted. Did you know that Colorado contains 75% of the land area of the US with an attitude over 10000 feet? We all should desire to know about our surrounding. Get booked with us to get more surprise articles.


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